Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Summer Beauty Essentials On A Budget

Hi babes, I don't know about everyone else, but I always get so excited during the summer months about new makeup and beauty products. (and er, in the winter months.) However, this can get very expensive, so I'm going to be showing you some amazing value products to update your look. Superdrug and Primark are my new best friends, and they actually have some very high quality products! This weather has been forcing me out of the house more so I've been trying more creative makeup looks.

Faking it

Recently I've been wanting up my tanning game, and I'm not saying it's because of Love Island, but it probably is. Don't really This medium tan lotion from Superdrug is honestly the best fake tan I have ever used, and it is a bargain priced at £3.29. Plus, all Superdrug's own brand products are cruelty free and vegan! Nothing's better than a tan with a bikini, especially a white and turquoise bikini like this one from New Look.

Eye roll

I really rate Collection as a budget beauty brand, the majority of their products do exactly what they say on the tin and are excellent value. My current go to mascara is Collection's Lash Surge, it is highly volumising so you can go and bat your eyes at someone! It is priced at £4.99 from Superdrug. For eyeliner, I go for Soap and Glory's Supercat mascara, which is a bit pricer at £6.50. However it is well worth investing in as your eyes are usually the first thing someone notices about you, so it's good if your eyeliner makes an impact!

To add a bit of sparkle to your eyes, definitely use one of Barry M's holographic eyeshadow to a base of light pink of nude eyeshadow. They are £4.99 from Superdrug or Barry M's website.

Shimmer and Shine

Glitter is the perfect way to update your makeup look and make you stand out. I tend to go for the brightest colours of glitter that I can find, usually pink, blue and purple. It also looks cute to coordinate your glitter with eyeshadow looks, or have a complete contrast! Whichever way you wear your glitter, you will look amazing. Barry M do pots of glitter for £4.99 each.

I've worn Barry M (hmm, think there might be a theme to this post) nail paint for years, but recently the limited edition collection has really caught my attention. Iridescent shades of nail polish is just my favourite thing, ever.  The limited edition Nail Paints are priced at £3.99 each.

What makeup and beauty products are you loving for summer? Let me know!


Friday, 6 July 2018

What You Should Know About Sexuality | Sexuality Series

Hi babes, welcome back to The Fashion Femme, Welcome to a new series on this blog, #SexualitySeries! In this series I will be discussing topics such as LGBTQ issues, coming out, online dating, relationships, orgasms, toys, safe sex and contraception and more. I really wanted to write a really inclusive series on this blog talking about taboo but important topics. This is based on my own experiences and opinions and also a lot of research I've done. I'm so excited for this series! So to start off,  here is everything you should know about sexuality...

- How someone dresses doesn't define their sexuality.
Obviously this is the whole title of this blog, there are plenty of femme lesbians/queer and bi women, and absolutely everything in between. And of course, straight women can rock the fuck out of a suit, (let's seriously talk about Scarlett Johansson in a suit.) So it is important to remember to express yourself however you want, the world is full of so many diverse types of people. Don't ever think that you're not queer enough because you're feminine.

- Labels aren't always important
I think this is a lot easier said than done, a lot of people, both gay and straight, say labels aren't important, but don't really practice what they preach. Personally, I've kind of given up labelling myself, although I'm attracted to women like 85% of the time, I've had crushes on all genders and think I could fall for anyone. If you find labels such as 'Gay' 'Straight' 'Bisexual' and even 'Pansexual' restricting, you really don't need to use any of them! Just be you, you are amazing.

- Sexuality is SO fluid
This isn't the case for everyone, of course there people who are exclusively hetrosexual and exclusively homosexual, however! For many people, things can change. 

- Girls can hurt you just as much as boys, and domestic violence can affect anyone
Ever seen that post, 'if your boyfriend doesn't treat you right, there's a gay girl that will?' Well that is seriously untrue. Queer women definitely can experience hurt and abuse and it's important to not erase that. According to charity Stonewall, one in four lesbian and bi women have experienced domestic violence in a relationship or by a family member, this rises to almost half (49%) or gay and bi men. You should definitely be aware of the fact that girls can play you about, girls can be fuckboys, girls can break your heart.

- Gender and Sexuality are two different things.
So there's a lot of people that don't really understand. So if someone is a transgender woman, they are a woman, plain and simple. So they may be straight, gay, bisexual, or anything in between, not necessarily attracted to women just because they are trans. If cisgender* men and women can be attracted can be either men or women or both, it's the same for trans and non-binary people. Cause that's just how it is.

- Go to pride, it's an amazing experience.
As you tell by reading this blog, I may be a little bit excited for pride. Just a little bit, I think. If you've never experienced Pride, it's like gay disneyland/ gay christmas/ all my personal christmases come at once. Especially in a big city. In the parades, you see so many different types of people celebrating who they are. Honestly makes me a bit emotional, but I am a big flannel and you're probably not as bad as me. I disagree with people saying it's just a political protest, it's also a big party that brings the community and beyond together. There's nothing wrong with that. Who doesn't love drinking dark fruits at 3pm and dancing to Abba? Not many people, is my answer to that.

*Cisgender= Someone who identifies with their gender at birth. So, the opposite of transgender.

Hope you enjoyed the start of this series. Please let me know what you thought and if you have any ideas of topics you'd like me to cover! This blog is my little child and I love to watch it grow. 


Sunday, 1 July 2018

SkinnyDip London Bag Collection

Hi babes, welcome back to The Fashion Femme. So, pretty much everyone who knows me, knows how much I love the brand SkinnyDip London and their bags. So much so, I've started collecting them and I just keep buying them! They are seriously my babies and the cutest things I own. Here is my collection (so far, there's so many more I want to buy!) and why I love my favourite ones.

- Talk to the palm bag (£15)
This bag was on sale and I thought it would make the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. The palm tree embroidery on the bag is so delicate and beautiful and I'm a sucker for anything with shimmery iridescent material! 
- Mermaid shell cross body bag (£28)
Mermaids are basically my style icons, I wear a lot of mermaid style outfits comprised of sequins, holographics and crop tops. It's a real statement piece and one of the pieces I get the most complements on. However I sadly can't wear this out any more as the zip inside the bag is broken. Hopefully I will manage to fix it so I can start wearing it again!
- Holo bum bag (£18)
I bought this as a holiday bag right before I went on tour (read all about that in my previous post!) and it's definitely a must have for a holiday or a festival. You can easily store your phone, keys, money and ID without worrying losing or more likely, getting stolen, or more likely, drunkenly dropping them. Plus, it's the most gorgeous material, and your friends aren't gonna lose you!

- Rainbow cross body bag (£32)
If you've read this blog you'll probably know that I am obsessed with rainbows, not only because they are the symbol of lgbt pride, I just love bright colours, the more colours the better! This goes well with so many different outfits because it is multi-coloured. 

The SkinnyDip logo printed on many of their products.

I can't wait to expand my collection (Maybe have a wishlist post on the way soon?!) Do you collect anything? Do you own anything from skinnydip? Tell me all about it! 

Melissa xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

My University Experience and Advice For Freshers

Hi babes, welcome back to The Fashion Femme and thanks for stopping by. In this post I will be talking about my first year at university studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising at the Manchester Fashion Institute at MMU. I have honestly had such a great year academically and socially. If your starting university this year, or plan to go in the future, I hope this will be helpful! There are so many different fashion degrees these days, maybe buying is the right option for you?

Studying Fashion

When I tell people what course I do they usually say, "what's that?!" well basically, I've been learning creative skills to be able to put together fashion collections (which comes very easy to me) the business side of the retail industry and fiance and costing. Which included a maths element, which is definitely not my favourite subject! It's not an easy course, takes a lot of hard work and determination. 

However, I have really enjoyed it, my favourite module has been Business Communications as I have learned about different retail brands, pr and marketing and social media which has strengthened my passion for blogging.  Having a bit of knowledge of Adobe programmes, like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign can really help you out on any fashion course, as everything is digital these days.

It's important to pick a course you are passionate about, obviously you need to get a job at the end of it, but you will be studying this for 3/4 years so you need to really enjoy it!

One of the assignments I really enjoyed was this one where we had to research the target customer of missguided, create trend boards, research fabrics and look into costing to build a collection. It's important to immerse yourself in fashion industry, so sign up to drapers, retail week, read WGSN and all different magazines.

I'm so excited for Level 5, learning more product development and applying for placements! Hopefully I will spend half my placement in London, half in Manchester working in a buying office or in Marketing. It's been my dream since I was doodling designs in primary school to work in fashion, now it's slowly starting to happen... eeek!

Joining a sports team

 - Very happy considering we got beat 6-0?
One of the best pieces of advice I can give to to-be freshers starting university is join a sports team. You will meet (hopefully) an amazing group of people who you will become close friends with, which is especially good when you have moved to a new place. I decided to join football at university and that's honestly the best decision I could have made. My football girls are amazing and I don't know what I would have done without them! Not only do you get to play a sport, there a nights out every Wednesday that are literally epic and if your team is anything like mine, pub night on Thursday and most other nights of the week, tbh.

So if you've always wanted to try rounders, cheerleading, pole dance, rugby, equestrian, have a look at the sports fair. You will have the best year ever! Which brings us to the next section...

Going on tour

Most athletic unions at universities in the UK go on TOUR. Where you, all your teammates and all the other clubs in the university go to Europe for a week to play sport, that's what you tell your mum anyway. It's basically like going to Ibiza, but with the uni football girls and you spend the whole time writing obscenities on each others arm and forcing vodka down freshers throats.

Plus, it's fancy dress every night, seeing the nightlife of Croatia whilst dressed as a carrot, or a Pokemon is not an experience you get very often. Also initiation isn't so bad, it's on the beach and your steaming, and deffo worth it to meet all 10/10  rugby girls/boys/whatever floats your boat- lets face it.

Living in Halls/Houses

Sooo, I didn't have the best experience in halls, hopefully you will have better experience than me. I think the best advice I can give is make the best effort you can to make friends with your flatmates, such as creating a group chat, ask them about their plans for freshers and try to arrange nights out, etc. 

If you're really not happy with your flat, go to the accommodation office and arrange to move as soon as possible. Also don't rush into signing a contract for a second year house, and make sure your really happy to live your housemates.

Final words of (sort of) wisdom

Any other questions or if you want to have a chat about anything, tweet me @melxssajordan, I will reply as soon as I can!

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Pride Month Fashion Picks

It's pride month! So I'm expecting that most of you will be covered in rainbows and glitter 24/7. I'm joking, well actually. I don't know. Anyway, I'm sharing my fashion and beauty picks for Pride month and beyond (as Manchester pride is in August.) So regardless of gender and sexuality you will look banging (you will anyway obvs) I'm absolutely living for the rainbow trend that is everywhere at the moment. I like wearing bright colours and sequins because they make me feel more confident and positive. It's the perfect way to express yourself.

- Boohoo rainbow collection
- Motel sequin crop tops
- SkinnyDip holographic bum bags
- The Gypsy Shrine boob jewels
- SkinnyDip Rainbow bag
- River Island 100% Proud top
- Miss Selfridge Girls Club T-shirt
- Technic rainbow highlighter
- Missguided rainbow tie dye playsuit

Melissa xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

How To Style a Sequin Dress


Sequins are everywhere at the moment and they are so easy to style in to the perfect summer outfit. They are definitely not just for festivals, they can be styled for nights out and more casual looks. Going light on accessories and pairing with a simple pair of black vans can make the sequinned dress really stand out and not over complicate the look. A small amount of pink or blue glitter swiped on your cheeks is the perfect way to to top it off.

Melissa xxx

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Trend to watch for Spring/Summer 2018.... Tropical Brights

So the sun has come out a lot more this week and the snow has all gone away, so in my book, it's Spring now, and I won't hear any different. Yes, a few days ago we may not have been able to leave the house without walking into a blizzard, but now it's time to start thinking about Summer. This year the tropical bright trend is set to be massive, and I'm definitely obsessed.

Yellow is the key colour, and Topshop are definitely on the trend early as their website at the moment seems like an influx of yellow! Keep an eye out for palm prints, pineapple and flamingo prints which started last year. 

* club Tropicana plays in background *

Melissa xxx
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